Anthology Film Archives

32 Second Ave, New York City (map)

Program ONE - JULY 28, 7:30 PM Film/video (1970-1980)

Schnitzler's early films explode with energy. During this time CON, as he liked to be called, was making intermedia art—street performances, gallery installations, and explosive new music—all influenced by free jazz and psychedelic rock. For these live actions, CON wore black and white make-up, dressed in white leather and mounted a megaphone on a black motorcycle helmet. The films from this period are fast paced, high contrast, hypnotic explorations of energy with abstract imagery or CON the magician/performer as subject matter.

Program TWO - JULY 29, 7:30 PM Film/video (1975-1986)

After leaving the art scene to focus on composing, CON's musical scores take precedence. He is no longer the subject; the pieces become longer and more focused. CON produced hours of cinematic meditations using primitive computer graphics, dissolving shapes and abstract washes of color and light. One can imagine the reclusive CON sitting back in his chair, observing the transformation of a blowing curtain into an abstract landscape, as his wild symphony unfolds. In all his work, the precise tonalities sculpted by his electronic instruments inform the vision.