Generator at AVA
August 4 – September 1, 2013
Opening Reception: August 4, 4-6pm

AVA Summer Hours:
Friday-Sunday, 12-6pm

Generator is the brainchild of New York based artist Gen Ken Montgomery. Known as "New York's first sound art gallery", Generator existed in the East Village and then Chelsea from 1989-1992. Content (cassettes, records, art, lamination, etc) from the original Generator will exist in Audio Visual Arts over the course of the this show. Gen Ken Montgomery will be holding down the shop each Saturday and Sunday through September 1. Content will be available for purchase, performances will take place, sounds will be heard.

> > Performance 1(details to come)
> August 11, 6pm
> > Performance 2 (details to come)
> August 25, 6pm

"I first heard about Generator around late 1989 sometime from our then music director at WFMU radio (I have been a dj there since 1986). Down in the East Village was this little shop where, apparently this guy was putting on shows by some way off-the-grid artists — both visual and/or audio. It was a "sound" gallery — probably the first of its kind in New York. Certainly the first any of us had ever seen or heard of. I was incredulous. I went to check it out, and sure enough, there it was. As soon as I stepped into the tiny storefront, I felt that I was in a place I understood and felt comfortable in. I didn't know Ken at all at that time, but I immediately felt an ease of communication and understanding that told me this was a special place. His idea was to have a "sound" gallery where artists could come and perform or show their work. It would also function as a record shop (I suppose to pay the bills), but he would only sell "underground" cassettes, vinyl, and CDs by artists that had a clear experimental or outsider bent. There wasn't much else (except for the odd lamination!). It must be pointed out that there was no bottomless sonic soup like the internet at that time to go to for a fix of unusual sound explorations. Today it's like a faucet, just turn it on. Today "sound-art" is a hot topic and is featured in many galleries and museums around the world, and much is made of this under-appreciated form that has been around for decades. But in 1989, the internet was still nascent, there weren't even browsers; there were no places that existed at this time that specifically featured sound-art and audio installations and the like. So a place like Generator was a unique experience for anyone looking for something off the beaten track as it were…" -Fabio Roberti

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CONtinuation - Wolfgang Seidel & Gen Ken Montgomery

conduct a CONRAD SCHNITZLER CONcert at Ausland in Berlin on May Day, May 1st 2013

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JULY 24 – JULY 30, 2012 in NEW YORK CITY

Conrad Schnitzler LIVE


Anthology Film Archives
Audio Visual Arts (AVA)
The Clocktower

60 hours of continuous music composed by Conrad Schnitzler streaming live from this since 6 pm Eastern Standard Time on July 27, 2012

Starting at 6pm on July 27th, AVA will transmit 60 continuous hours of Conrad Schnitzler's musical compositions from 1970 – 2011 (no content will be repeated). The transmission will be presented through speakers on the outside of the gallery, non-stop throughout the entire weekend, ending at 6am on Monday July 29th.

Additionally, a selection of vocal works by Schnitzler will be presented in the Silver Sound Box just west of the AVA on 34 East 1st Street, New York City

CON-MYTHOLOGY : CONceived and organized by Gen Ken Montgomery with assistance and support from:
Wolfgang Seidel, Jin Kawai, Frank Rothkamm, Andrew Lambert, Justin Luke, Carol Parkinson, David Weinstein, William Berger, Fabio Roberti, Bryce, Gillie Schnitzler and all friends and family of CON. And especially to CONrad whose music and life CONtinues to inspire and entertain…

Contact info: Ken Montgomery |